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Lockpicking Mastery
Ui Lockpicking.png
Max Level
Stat Increase
Main Stat (Every Level) Dexterity +1

Lockpicking allows access to locked gates and player's storage units. To use lockpicking you need lockpicks.

Unlocking a player's storage unit yields a chest of four random items from the unit; this chest cannot be opened for thirty minutes (a timer prevents a player to do so). The player gains criminal points, drops a Trace of Evil on the ground and the structure initiates a cooldown of 2-3 hours that prevents any more theft from any player. This safety mechanism ensures that even if you are lockpicked you will not be completely drained of resources.

Tinker Shop

Lvl Item Requires Result
0 Lockpick Copper ingot (1) Oil (1) 10 Lockpicks