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Ui archery.png Ui Axe.png Ui Dagger.png Ui Hammer.png Ui Martial Arts.png Ui Shield.png Ui Spear.png Ui Swordsmanship.png Ui 2H.png
Archery Axe Dagger Hammer Martial Arts Shield Spear Swordsmanship Two-Handed


Ui Fishing.png Ui Logging.png Ui Mining.png
Fishing Logging Mining


Ui Blacksmith.png Ui Carpenter.png Ui Cooking.png Ui Farming.png Ui Ranching.png Ui Sewing.png Ui Tinkering.png
Blacksmithing Carpenter Cooking Farming Ranching Tailoring Tinkering


Ui Anatomy.png Ui Healing.png Ui Lockpicking.png Ui Instruments.png Ui Tactics.png
Anatomy Healing Lockpicking Instruments Tactics

There are 20 different masteries in Tree of Life. Each skill can have a primary stat and a secondary stat.

Mastery Points

Each new player starts off with 400 Mastery points. Masteries are currently capped at level 50. This allows for a total of 8 maxed masteries. Masteries can be any combination of crafting, gathering, or combat skills.

Increasing a mastery's level by 1 will improve the player's primary stat by 1, while increasing a mastery level by 4 will improve a player's secondary stat by 1. A given mastery may provide the same primary and secondary stat. Currently some specialist masteries do not provide any stat increase. For specifics, please see the tables below.

The Mastery Stat Trends below are a quick reference of the stat trends by level. The Increment column shows the per level benefit at any given level. The Cumulative column shows the total stat increase provided by the mastery at that level.
Mastery Trends.png
Mastery Primary Stat (Every level) Secondary Stat (4th level)
Anatomy Dexterity Dexterity
Archery Dexterity Strength
Axe Strength Dexterity
Blacksmith Constitution Strength
Carpenter Strength Dexterity
Cooking Constitution Dexterity
Dagger Dexterity Dexterity
Farming Constitution Strength
Fishing Constitution Dexterity
Hammer Strength Constitution
Healing Intelligence -
Instruments - -
Lockpicking Constitution Dexterity
Logging Strength Strength
Martial Arts Constitution Strength
Mining Strength Strength
Ranching Constitution Strength
Sewing Constitution Dexterity
Shield Constitution Strength
Spear Strength Constitution
Swordsmanship Dexterity Strength
Tactics - -
Tinkering Constitution Dexterity
Two-Handed Strength Strength

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