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Movement is in the standard WASD configuration.

The (W) key moves your character forward, (S) steps backwards, and (A) and (D) strafe left and right, respectively.

To sprint, double click (W) quickly and hold it down. This increases movement speed while consuming stamina at a rate of 100 per second.

The mouse cursor changes the camera orientation.

The mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out.

Other action keys

LMB = left mouse button
RMB = right mouse button

The (R) key is used to auto run. This will be cancelled if you tab out of the game window.

The (X) key is used to bring up the emote commands.

The (Z) key is used to sit.

The (Shift) key is used to block.

The (Shift + LMB) action can be used to perform a bash with your blocking hand.

The (Shift) key also is used to make a Deathblow if you have a two-handed weapon equipped. Hold the key to channeling, after your weapon shines, then click LMB to release the blow. This skill consume some stamina.

The (T) key is a toggle (on/off) for Concentrated Attack Mode. Two crossed swords were displayed over the head when the mode is active.

Currently there is no way to change key bindings.


For split (in half) a item stack in the inventory (key E) click on the item stack with Shift + RMB.