Mr. Boboo

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Mr. Boboo
Title Wandering Vendor
Gender Male
Race Spirit
Reaction Friendly
Location World

Mr. Boboo is a wandering NPC added during the 1/29/2016 Mr. Boboo Patch. By interacting with him, you are provided with an auction house type system to search for items. These items are available for purchase at player owned shops.

Finding Mr. Boboo

You can find Mr. Boboo by using your map (M) and locating the wandering spirit icons.


Mr. Boboo interacting with a player.

From the patch notes:

  • <How to use>
    • 1) Find Mr. BoBoo first.
    • 2) Search items that you’d like to buy.
    • 3) Press the pin button, then press ‘yes’ to display the shop locations on the map.
    • 4) Check the locations by pressing ‘M’ key. If you want to delete a pin, just right-click while mousing over the pin, then press ‘Delete pin’ button.
    • 5) Buy the item as fast as you can do. (Be careful! It might be sold out if you’re too late. :D)