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oddonegames is an indie game studio/team founded in 2012 by developers Chyaya, Wonpary, Dalraechaki. Our goal is to ‘make games that inspire people and provide a touching experience. We strive to develop unique games that give players a fun experience.

We were previously known as the Indie game team ‘Rack Our Brain’ in 2004 with three members ‘Chyaya’, ‘Wonpary’ and ‘Jihae(Wisdom)’. We developed an RPG game called ‘ReAL :Return from Afterlife’; which described a continuous life and death experience in a game world. ‘Real’ had won several awards.

Indie Game Award(First Place) from Korea Game Developer Association in 2005 Gold Medal from Game Development Competition in SeonGyunGwan University in 2005 Indie Game Award from Korea Internet Digital Entertainment Association in 2005

After ‘ReAL’, we worked for 6 years to gain professional experience in the Korean game industry and finally decided to regroup and develop a new and unique game called ‘Tree of Life’.

  • Chyaya (Leader, Programming)
  • Wonpary (Animation, Effect, GUI)
  • Dalraechaki (Concept Art, Modeling)
  • NobrainHan (Game Design)