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Hello and welcome to the Tree of Life wiki!

Here's exemple of templates you should follow. You still can expose your opinion about templates in discussion.

My favourite templates:

For Area:

For stuff you get from fishing:

Note 1 : When create a page for a ingame Item/Object try to follow the name convention by Game Devs: First word is capitalitazed, all other words are in lower case. Try to do the same possibly also with links.
Note 2 : About screenshots, because info in-game can change and its easier to update the data here, please take little picture of item (as templates exemple above) instead of a whole picture.

Please put category Category:TODO on all pages you edit ^_^

and feel free to drop me a message at ~ Sylphiel

Clean up ~ Sylphiel ^_^

Hi guys, we are looking for lvl 50 Blacksmithing, so he can update the Blacksmithing page. If you are higher level, then please update it. Sewing is by my opinion the best guide. Metrixkita

multi-language mode

Hello I would like to translate the wiki in French. Can you enable the multi-language mode?