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Little Tips & Tricks

  • Watch your stamina level: Apples and Water are easy to find and will replenish +50 Stamina.
  • At low level if you are chased by a aggressive Mob jump into a fenced off area for safety.
  • If you have a mouse with macro buttons... set it to emulate the key (F) with auto-repeat for fast picks.
  • Use the (T) key while targeting to avoid unintentionally hitting other objects.
  • Strafe (press A & D key) while fighting to avoid damage by dodging opponents attacks.
  • Use the bow targeting to see the names of distant items/objects.
  • Use the Logging Axe for more damage when attacked by Angry ents.
  • The Furnace is more fuel efficient than Bonfire and can still do the same actions.
  • Pick up a full growth field, rather that harvesting, to get 3 seeds. (can only be done on your own fields)
  • Damaged fields with full crops cannot be picked up (but you can harvest them), so if you want the 3 seeds, sow in undamaged fields.
  • Sand, clams, shells, worms and other stuff (see here the full list) can be found digging with a Shovel in desert areas or beaches.
  • Punch Rock with hands instead of Mining Pick to get way more Stone. Punching big rock will give you also lots of Coal (more than mining a Coal vein), Limestone and Fossil.