Tree of Life
The official game logo. (as of 3/30/2016)
Developers OddOneGames Corp
Release Dates Steam Early Access - 05/27/2015
Beta Release 4681 - 4/28/2016
Full Release - TBD
Version Tolmini.png Beta Revision 4681
Expansions/DLC Tree of Life - Adventurer
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Genre MMO, Role Playing Game, Sandbox, Survival, Indie, Early Access

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Tree of Life is a sandbox survival MMO by OddOneGames.

Tree of Life isn’t the kind game that you just watch to play, instead it gives you a real RPG experience. Thousands of players live in an immersive game world and in every passing moment your character will be affected in real-time. It does not continually give you boring monotonous jobs to do, rather you will be involved in a complex economy, a dynamic life and you will also be able to communicate with other users very closely.

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